Two neighbors, aged five and 93, swapping letters features in a roundup of heartwarming tales

We may be living in unsettling times but there’s still plenty of good in the world, with people young and old continuing to go above and beyond for those in need – whether it’s in the form of a heartfelt letter or a simple ice-cream.

Surprising lockdown pen pals

A five-year-old girl wrote a touching letter to her elderly neighbor to check he was OK and remind him he is not alone during the coronavirus lockdown.

Kiran “from number 9” sent a drawing of a rainbow along with the letter, which read: “I have to stay at home because of the coronavirus. I just wanted to check to see if you’re OK? I have drawn you a rainbow to remind you that you are not alone. Please write back if you can.”

Ron “at number 24”, aged 93, said he was so pleased to receive the message, and had placed the drawing in his window. “Like you I am in isolation so it was so nice to hear of your concern for me,” he wrote back.

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