Too Good to Go helps route food that restaurants can’t use to people’s tables—not the trash.

When the New York City-based grocery store Brooklyn Fare has fresh bread and pastries left at the end of the day, it now offers them to customers through a new app instead of discarding them. The store, along with around 200 restaurants, is using an app called Too Good to Go, which launched first in Copenhagen.

The app lets customers browse for “surprise boxes” of leftover food at a discount from participating stores and restaurants, and then pick up their order. “Controlling how much we sell on a day-to-day basis is virtually impossible,” says Brandon Issa, regional manager at Brooklyn Fare. “We’re always going to have something left over a majority of the time, because we want to make sure everybody has something to get. So the one great part about this app is it bridges that gap for us—it gives the customer a cheaper entry point with random goods in the bag.” A box of bakery items worth $12 sells for $4, he says.

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